Professional Mosquito Treatment and Control Services in the Greater Kansas City Area

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space!

April through October are the prime breeding months for mosquitoes in the Greater KC area!

Our technicians, certified in both Missouri and Kansas, will perform an onsite evaluation of your home and yard for our monthly mosquito reduction program.  One-time services for special events like graduation parties and family reunions are also available.  We will walk you around your home, showing you how to eliminate breeding sites and recommending an appropriate treatment program suited to your needs.  Unlike other companies, we combine a knock down pesticide and an insect growth regulator (both EPA registered and completely safe) with the proper application techniques to insure the best results possible in dramatically reducing the number of mosquitoes around your home and in your yard. 

Sign up today and receive a 10% discount on an annual program.  Refer a friend and they will receive 10% off as well.

How Do We Do it?

Augustine Services offers the best mosquito treatment and control services for residential and commercial property in Kansas City, Overland Park and throughout the metro area. Our mosquito treatment and prevention programs significantly reduce the mosquito population in the area around your home or business.

The best opportunity for control of mosquito populations around your home or business is while they are in the larval and pupal stages! The most effective means of mosquito control is to manage or eliminate their breeding sites. Unless this is done, management of the problem is temporary, at best.

Mosquito eggs are laid in still, stagnant or slowly moving water. Thus, to the extent that is practical, breeding sites such as improperly aligned guttering and tree holes should be corrected. Trash, such as old tires and empty cans should be eliminated from your property. The water in water features such as bird baths, statuary and portable wading pools should be changed every three days and certainly no less often than weekly. Ornamental fish pond water should be treated with a properly-labelled larvacide. Residential swimming pools generally are not a problem because mosquito eggs are not laid in water deeper than 6-8 inches.

Bear in mind that some of the sites listed above may be off of your property and out of your control. Therefore, we must turn our attention to daytime resting sites for the adult mosquitos, which may exist on your property. Such control is provided through maintaining a properly manicured lawn, elimination of tall weeds and carefully supervised application of properly labelled mosquito adulticide.

The most effective means of this is misting or ultra-low volume application of pesticides to resting sites such as ornamental plants and shrubbery, overhanging tree limbs below 8-10 feet, the underside of raised decks and window wells. Because adult mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of foliage, the mist or fog must be directed into, rather than on top of, shrubbery.

As always, this is best done by experienced, certified and insured mosquito control professional. We can help ensure your yard, or the area around your business is free of mosquitos all season long. Contact Augustine Services today at 913-362-4399 or click here to access our online contact form.

Augustine Services treats mosquitos with prevention programs developed by Syngenta, a global leader in mosquito control. As a leader in the fight against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases, Syngenta works with its global partners to improve the quality of health and life for people around the world.





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