Late Fall in Kansas City

Although winter may be just around the corner in Kansas City, now is not the time to forget about insects, spiders and such. Don’t believe for one moment that they are all gone for a few months. To the contrary; pantry and clothes pests do not recognize seasons!

These pests love clutter – spilled cereal and spices in the pantry and clothing carelessly strewn on the floor in the closet are prime breeding grounds for them. Another problem arises when we move seasonal clothing to storage without first laundering or dry cleaning it. Tidying up the pantry, discarding old, open containers of spices, flour, pasta, crackers and cereals can eliminate a potentially serious problem before it even gets started. Simply placing fresh, but partially-used, quantities in pest-proof containers will go far in preventing future pest problems. But don’t forget to brush up, mop up or vacuum any spillage. It is amazing to learn what pests consider food.

The garage and basement also deserve attention. The garage is continuously subjected to the accumulation of leaves blown in and mud or other substances tracked in by vehicles, pets and us. All of this provides food and harborage for a wide variety of arthropod pests and rodents.

Basements are subject to pests from many sources. They may be brought in with stored items of every description. Cockroaches and rodents may enter through floor drains. They may enter through utility penetrations above and below ground as well as between the foundation or siding. All of the above-mentioned areas deserve your attention at all times.

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