Late Summer in Kansas City

As we move into late summer in Kansas City, don’t believe that the pests will soon go away. To the contrary, some nuisances will just begin to show up. Pests such as boxelder bugs, cluster flies and multi-colored Asian lady beetles will soon begin showing up in great numbers all over the sides of your home, looking for a place to hibernate. If you haven’t prepared for this, do it NOW!

Just because the screens and storm windows are in place doesn’t mean that they are completely effective. Are there any rips, tears or punctures in the screen mesh? Do their frames fit tightly in the main window frames? Did you follow through on your Spring promise to seal up all the cracks and crevices around windows, doors and board and batten junctions? On the first really cool mornings, after you have carefully examined the exterior, hold your hand up to all of the electrical receptacles on the inside of exterior walls. If you feel a draft or any difference in the temperature, it means that air is getting into your walls from outside. If air can get in, so can bugs!

Keep in mind that all of these situations also have a direct effect upon your heating and cooling bills. If you don’t have the time to fix these situations, Call Augustine Services. They have highly trained people who can. The telephone numbers are (913)-362-4399 or (816) 421-6882