Termite Control: Inspection and Treatment of These Silent Home Invaders

A typical pest found in houses throughout Kansas City during the spring and summer months are termites. These pests, like many others, can be quite annoying but most importantly extremely destructive to your home. If left untreated, termites can wreak havoc on your property and cause significant damage in as little as 6 months. They are frequently confused with carpenter ants which can also be a serious problem. Spotting a few of these pests around your house is normal, but if you notice big swarms of either, help from professional termite control exterminators should be sought.

Once signs of a serious termite infestation are recognized, it’s best to hire professionals to assist. Augustine’s team of professional and experienced termite exterminators can help evaluate the situation and determine if a problem exists to provide the best treatment option available. With do-it-yourself methods in the market that involve harsh chemicals, it’s best to let our professionals assess and address the problem.

We provide full termite inspections for both your current home as well as one you may be looking to buy. We're proud to say that we utilize leading-edge termite insecticides and bait systems from BASF Pest Control Solutions such as Advance® Termite Bait System and Termidor® termiticide/insecticide.

Let Augustine Services, a trusted termite control company in the Kansas City area, including Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit and Olathe, be your choice when protecting your home from termites. We’re proud to be pioneers in the industry, engineering new standards for ways of eliminating and controlling bugs and pests. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection! Learn more about our Platinum Program which combines Augustine Service’s termite baiting program with our Advantage pest control program.

Augustine’s Kansas City Pest Control Experts are Ready to Spring into Action

As the days grow longer, we’ll soon see winter draw to a close and make way for spring here in Kansas City. Now is the perfect time to address pest prevention, elimination and removal issues in your home. We know how important and valuable your home is to you and your family. With a little time and the right team of Kansas City pest control specialists, pest problems and costly damage to your home can be addressed correctly and in some cases avoided altogether.

Let Augustine Services help get your house ready for spring by addressing and eliminating your pest problem so that you don’t have to. We can identify and seal pest entry points to create a barrier around your home before the warm weather moves in.

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Beetles and Moths

One of the blessings of winter in Kansas City is that we think there are very few pests to deal with, right? Wrong!

You ask yourself…. what are these little reddish-brown bugs crawling around on the rolled up bag of flour in the pantry? And what were those little moth-things in that box of granola that I had to throw out yesterday? In fact, they are very common pantry pests. The little reddish brown things are either flour beetles or saw-toothed grain beetles. Most likely, those little moths are Indian meal moths – the number one pantry pest in the country.

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Warm It Up this Winter with Additional Insulation

We’re halfway through the month and there’s probably a good chance that the monthly heating bill has hit your mailbox or inbox. If you’re like many homeowners in the area, you may have been in for a bit of a shock when you saw the latest month’s bill charges. The unusually cold weather that had a combination of negative wind chills and little sunshine found many of us nudging up the thermostat in an attempt to stay warm.

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