Pests Don’t Take a Holiday

The end of 2014 saw a welcome bout of nice weather, especially when you consider the winter that we had last year. Now that the New Year has arrived though, we’ve welcomed in some seriously cold temperatures. Everywhere that you look, there are signs that winter has truly set in. On most trees, the leaves have dropped and only the bare branches remain. Domesticated and wild animals are now wearing their thickest winter coats, and humans are hunkering down for the winter ahead with layers of clothing, extra blankets on the bed and a pot of something warm cooking on the stove.

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Stay Inside where it’s Warm. Let Augustine do the Work

The last of the wrapping paper has been cleared and the new calendars have all been hung up waiting for the first of the New Year. If you’re like many, the New Year is a time for changes and resolutions. Frequently, one of the resolutions that tops the list is one of simplification. So many of us long to simplify things but the act of simplification is always a little more challenging.

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Winter Insects

Just because it is early winter in Kansas City doesn't mean all of the insects are dead or hibernating. Some are still looking for shelter. For instance, take the hackberry psyllid. This is a very small flying insect, dark grey with grey patches on otherwise clear wings, which many people mistake for gnats, particularly drain/sewer flies. If you have hackberry trees on or near your property, you can count on seeing them. They may be a nuisance as they try to enter your home, clustering around windows and doors.

What to do about them? Ask your Augustine Services technician to positively identify them, to put your mind at ease. The number to call is 913-362-4399.

Let Augustine Services Finish up the Winter To-Do List

So far this month it’s not looking too bad weather-wise with a couple of days of nice weather even thrown in over the weekend. If you’ve taken advantage of enjoying this beautiful weather doing something fun, there’s a good chance that you might have fallen a little behind with the end-of-fall, early-winter to-do list of home chores. Really, who could blame you when the weather climbs into the 50s or even 60s? No wants to be spending a nice day cleaning gutters or hanging strings of holiday lights when you could be out having fun.

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