Verna G.

To Augustine Services:

Mark Mesplay has been to my house several times to help me capture squirrels in a trap (who had chewed a board and entered my attic.)  I want you to know what a very nice young man he is.  You are indeed fortunate to have him working for you.  He was very thoughtful and diligent in completing this task. I appreciate very much what he did for me.

Thank you for sending him to help me with this problem.


Verna G.

Bobbie S.

I'd like to give a shout out and lots of gratitude to your home improvement man Mike. I fell and broke my back six weeks ago, and needed to install grab bars in my large bathtub and my shower. Frankly, this was not something I wanted to do. Mike was beyond helpful, professional, and it feels to me like he went the extra mile to make it look the best it could and be totally functional. I'm more than pleased. I would definitely use you again if Mike did the work. Gary Faler, my realtor and friend, recommended you guys and I would never have thought of you for this type of service.

So thanks!


Jerry A.

Mr. Hawkins,

We had not used your company previously and were very impressed with the services your technicians provided. We made arrangements for them to come between 8-9:00 and they called at 7:45 to remind us that they were coming at 8:30. They seemed to “over-do” everything; one of Technicians was down on his knees digging at a groove between the garage floor and garage wall to eliminate any termite tunnels of the past. Just very professional people who represent your company well. I would highly recommend your company to anyone having termite or other problems.

Jerry A.

Natalie M.

Augustine Exterminators,

Thank you so much for your professionalism and prompt trip to my home to take care of my pest issue.

It means a lot to me and my family to feel like this issue will be taken care of asap.

Sincerely your newest loyal customer,

Natalie M.